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About H2O+

Discover H2O+

Water is the most important ingredient
for healthy, beautiful skin.

To uncover the secret to timeless, flawless skin for every
skin concern, we turned to the most powerful source of
water: the ocean. Containing over 73 unique minerals, nutrients and elements known to exist naturally in the
human body, the sea is the richest known source of
hydration, protection and renewal for the skin.

We begin by purifying our source water
with a special filtration process,

guaranteeing that it is free of impurities and readily
accepting of our sea botanicals. By infusing this pure water with nutrients from our proprietary combinations of seaweeds and marine plants, the H2O+ scientists have created potent blends that work naturally with skin's chemistry, hydrating
and renewing your skin like never before.

Isolating the most effective sea ingredients,
each blend targets a unique skin condition.

Hydrating Marine Blend uses Wakame, Sea Fennel and Sea Lettuce to replenish
skin and protect it from moisture loss. Anti-Aging Marine Blend is powered by Himanthalia, Spirulina and Wild Atlantic Nori to help skin resist the signs of aging. Marine Brightening Blend, a potent fusion of brightening compounds sourced from Asian plants of Mulberry, Saxifrage, Scutellaria and Grape, combined with marine botanicals help diminish the look of discoloration and amplify skin's luminosity.
Anti-Pollution Blend features Brown Algae, Marine Glycogen and Vitamin E to protect skin against environmental stressors while helping to reinforce skin's defense ability.

From hydrating to
anti-aging treatments,

H2O+ creates collections for specific skincare
concerns to help you achieve a healthy, radiant
and youthful complexion at any age.

More than water, this is H2O+.