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Canada | Visit website Canada is home to two ultra-sleek flagship locations—one in Toronto at Eaton Centre, the other in Vancouver on the highly fashionable Robson Street, the most desirable shopping district in the region. H2O Plus is also sold in 71 Sears stores nationwide.
Chile | Visit website
H2O Plus serves Chilean beauty enthusiasts with two freestanding stores and a kiosk in Santiago, as well as a counter at Balthus, a health and wellness spa.

Recently, our Hand and Nail Cream was named "the best hand and nail cream in the world" by popular Chilean magazine, Las Últimas Noticias.
China/Taiwan/Macau/Singapore | Visit China website
Hong Kong
| Visit Hong Kong website
H2O Plus is one of the top five beauty brands in China—a country whose shoppers are serious about their skin care.

You'll find H2O Plus at Sephora, as well as specialty spas and beauty boutiques in this region. Face Oasis™ Hydrating Treatment and Oasis™ 24-Hour Hydrating Booster have developed a near cult following.

Award-winning actress Xiao-Lu Li is our official celebrity spokesperson here.
You'll find H2O Plus products in all 34 Fedco stores across Colombia—a major beauty destination in Latin America, plus eight additional retail locations.

Bath Basics exotic shower gels and body creams are bestsellers in Colombia, with Raspberry Guava being the favorite scent.
India | Visit website
H2O Plus has freestanding stores and retail locations in India's style epicenters—New Delhi and Mumbai.

Local beauty aficionados often find our products advertised in leading fashion and beauty magazines, including Cosmopolitan, Spice, and Marie Claire.
We provide amenities to the world-renowned Fitzwilliam Hotels in Belfast and Dublin, voted "one of the hottest hotels in the world" by Condé Nast Traveler.
Malaysia | Visit website
Beginning with two stores in the capital city of Kuala Lumpur, H2O Plus is now sold in nearly a dozen retail locations throughout Malaysia.

Face Oasis™ Hydrating Treatment and other Oasis™ products frequently earn rave reviews on Malaysian beauty blogs.

We also have famous fans in the eastern part of the world. Tavia Yeung, a top television actress from Hong Kong, is our official celebrity spokesperson in Asia.
Netherlands/Belgium/Luxembourg | Visit website

H2O Plus is wildly popular in the "Benelux" region of western Europe. You'll find our products at ICI Paris XL ("This is Paris") perfumeries, pharmacies, specialty beauty boutiques and spas.

In the Netherlands, we've reached red carpet status. Two H2O Plus bestsellers have received honors at the Glammy Awards—a collaboration between Glamour magazine and ICI Paris XL in which readers and consumers vote for their favorite products. Oasis24™ Hydrating Booster was nominated for a Glammy in 2009. Face Oasis™ Ultra Hydrator followed as a Glammy nominee for Favorite Beauty Product in 2010.
H2O Plus serves Thailand's skincare-savvy consumers with seven freestanding stores, five of which reside in the capital city of Bangkok. We also have 20 total beauty counters at the popular Central, Mall and Robinson department stores.

Our products are frequently referenced in major Thai fashion magazines, such as Elle Thailand, and leading newspapers, including the Bangkok Post.
H2O Plus is sold exclusively at 15 Boyner locations throughout the country. As Turkey's leading department store, Boyner carries thousands of designer beauty and apparel brands.