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What is the NPA seal?

Not all "natural" products are created equal. If you want to separate the artificial from the authentic, look for the leaf. You'll find it on several of our Sea Pure™ Natural Skin Care products.

This coveted seal is given by the NPA, or Natural Products Association, to products that meet its strict certification guidelines. It represents the highest industry standard for natural product testing. The NPA rigorously evaluates formulas based on four main principles:
  • Natural Ingredients: All (or almost all) derived from a renewable resource found in nature
  • Safety: No ingredients that could pose a human health risk
  • Responsibility: No animal testing
  • Sustainability: Use of environmentally sensitive packaging
With their natural marine and botanical ingredients, 100 percent vegan and phthlalate-free formulas, and post-consumer recycled packaging, Sea Pure™ natural facial moisturizer, natural eye cream, and natural facial cleanser have earned the NPA's iconic seal. Include these natural skin care products in your daily system and get younger-looking skin naturally.