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how to use a serum

Why You Need a Serum

Serums are ultra-intensive, lightweight formulas that infuse skin with a deep concentration of moisture and nutrients. Because the molecules in a serum are much smaller and more concentrated than those in a regular moisturizer, serums are able to target concerns, such as dark spots and fine lines, many layers beneath the skin's surface.

By adding a serum to your daily skin care system (after toner, before moisturizer), you can more precisely and powerfully treat underlying damage. There are a wide variety of serums available that treat almost every skin care concern.

Illuminating Serums
Illuminate and even skin tone with Waterwhite Advanced™ Brightening Essence, our high-performance serum powered by knotted sea kelp and Asian plant extracts to diminish discoloration and amplifiy skin's luminosity.

Oxygenating Serums
Formulas with oxygen-rich nutrients, such as Night Oasis™ Oxygenating Energizing Serum, provide skin with a surge of oxygen to help it rejuvenate and repair itself.

Wrinkle-Fighting Serums
These are the most common serums and are used to deliver anti-wrinkle ingredients deep beneath the skin's surface to minimize fine lines and deeper creases. Try Sea Results Anti-Wrinkle Refinishing Serum.

Hydrating Serums
These serums intensify your moisturizer, especially in cold weather when skin can be drier. Oasis24 Hydrating Booster improves moisture retention around the clock.

Anti-Stress Serums
Sensitive skin should stick to serums with milder ingredients that are also soothing and anti-inflammatory, such as Green Tea Antioxidant Serum.

Daily Serums
Fight wrinkles and damage from the environment daily, try Sea Results Daily Defense Serum.