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dark circles

Skin Concerns: Dark Circles

At one time or another, most of us have awakened to find those dark undereye circles that make us look more tired than we did the night before. These dark shadows can make us look even older than wrinkles or age spots, and require special care due to the delicate nature of skin around the eye.

Dark circles are mainly caused by genetics. They usually develop in adulthood, but can appear as early as childhood. They are exacerbated by fatigue, lack of sleep, allergies, and simply, the natural aging process.

Frequently Asked Questions About Dark Circles

Do I need an eye cream in addition to my everyday moisturizer?
Yes. Skin under the eye is very thin and delicate. Eye creams are specifically formulated with a certain type of lipid that helps to seal in moisture and protect the skin. In addition, eye creams will often contain ingredients that will target dark circles.

Are there different types of undereye circles?
Yes. There are three general causes for dark circles:
  • Hyperpigmentation, or an excess of melanin in the skin
  • Blue veins that appear close to the surface and become more apparent as skin thins as part of the aging process
  • Poor circulation, which will also cause eyes to be puffy

Aren't all dark circles really caused by fatigue or lack of sleep?
No. While dark circles can be exacerbated by fatigue and other temporary factors, our predisposition to them is really inherited as part of our genetic makeup.

I've never had a problem with dark circles. Now they are appearing all of a sudden. What should I do?
Dark circles are not always present when we are younger, but begin to appear as we age and our skin becomes thinner. The best course of action is to follow a regular skincare regimen that includes specific treatments to target the eye area.

Regimen Steps
  1. When cleansing around the delicate eye area, it is important to always use a gentle hydrating formula that won't irritate the skin. We recommend Sea Results 3-in-1 Foaming Cleanser to swiftly yet softly remove traces of eye makeup.
  2. Give eyes a boost of peptides to help seal in moisture with a treatment like Night Oasis™ Overnight Eye Complex before bed or Sea Results Eye Defense Fortifying Serum during the day.
  3. Apply a multi-tasking eye cream such as Sea Results Eye Mender Plus over the treatment, which will not only hydrate skin, but also firm and protect the delicate eye area to correct and prevent the appearance of dark circles.