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uneven skin

Skin Concerns:Uneven Skin Tone

Uneven skin tone can be one of the most frustrating skin concerns. Generally a sign of skin damage due to aging or sun exposure, it can also be caused by hyperpigmentation, trauma from acne scarring or blotchiness from irritation.

To properly treat uneven skin tone, you must first determine why your skin looks out of sync. Is it red and itchy? Then irritation and inflammation are the likely culprits. Brownish spots and patches are often the result of sun exposure, aging and hyperpigmentation. In either case, there are many solutions to restore a balanced tone.

Frequently Asked Questions About Sensitive Skin

How do I get rid of uneven skin tone?
Uneven skin tone due to a loss or overabundance of melanin (the compounds that give skin its color or pigmentation) can be treated, but the discoloration usually comes back. Exfoliation, followed by lightening creams, work best to fade dark spots. Uneven skin tone due to rashes, inflammation, or acne can be treated with soothing formulas containing aloe, vitamin E and other healing ingredients.

Do you recommend tanning for uneven skin tone?
Tanning is never a good idea and will only exacerbate concerns, such as age spots, scarring and acne. Other options include microdermabrasion, which will peel off the dead, darker layers of skin, or a glycolic peel as a gentler alternative. If you choose either of these options, be sure to wear plenty of sunscreen, as your skin will be much more susceptible to burning.

Should I exfoliate or will that aggravate the skin?
A mild exfoliant should not harm healthy skin. However, if you are experiencing uneven skin tone due to a rash, severe acne or other type of inflammation, any type of harsh scrubs should be avoided as it can lead to irritation.

What can I apply to get rid of brown or dark spots?
Look for serums and treatments that contain antioxidants and skin-lightening ingredients, such as stabilized vitamin C, to naturally and powerfully fade pigment concentrations and dark patches.

Regimen Steps
  1. Cleanse. Wash daily with a gentle cleanser formulated with brightening ingredients that will also help protect against irritants throughout the day. We recommend Waterwhite Advanced™ Brightening Cleanser.
  2. Tone. Make sure your toner is alcohol-free and also contains non-irritating ingredients. We suggest Waterwhite Advanced™ Brightening Toner to clarify tone and boost radiance.
  3. Boost. Target specific areas of discoloration and refine skin's texture with a skin brightening serum like Waterwhite Advanced™ Brightening Essense. Active sea-sourced ingredients also help prevent future signs of hyperpigmentation.
  4. Hydrate. A good skin brightening moisturizer is vital to diminish discoloration and amplify skin's radiance. Waterwhite Advanced™ Brightening Hydrator Cream is a multi-tasking formula that helps reduce uneven skin tone, hydrate and protect day and night.