Yuragi Skin Chart

Do You Have Yuragi Skin?

For over 30 years, we have believed that hydration is core to amazing skin. This continues to be our philosophy as we grow and innovate, working with our sister lab in Japan. Hydration is also the core to Japanese skincare regimens.  In Japan, having optimal skin hydration is the primary solution to achieving soft, healthy-looking skin because it helps maintain a well-functioning skin barrier and a youthful looking complexion. There are many factors that can impact hydrated, healthy skin. Seasonal changes are one of the most common factors impacting skin health.


Symptoms of Yuragi Skin Chart

What is Yuragi Skin?

“Yuragi Skin” is a Japanese term that refers to skin that has become temporarily sensitive due to changes in the weather or environment. Symptoms commonly include sudden dryness or tightness of the skin and an increase in acne. The good news is that Yuragi skin is temporary and symptoms can be relieved with proper hydration and care.


What Causes Yuragi Skin?

One of the main causes of Yuragi skin is the changing of the seasons – during this time, your skin’s own barrier defenses may weaken due to dry air, pollen, or sudden changes in weather temperature. Other causes of Yuragi skin include environmental pollution and friction from a mask.

A weakened skin barrier is not able to protect skin effectively and allows for more irritants to pass through. This can cause breakouts, redness, and other symptoms of sensitive skin. As moisture escapes the weakened skin barrier, it becomes more irritated and symptoms associated with sensitive skin can get worse. Fortunately, proper cleansing and moisturizing can help alleviate your symptoms!


How to Treat Yuragi Skin

Luckily, Yuragi skin is temporary and can be managed with simple additions (or subtractions) to your skincare routine! Since sensitive skin is more easily aggravated, it’s best to be as gentle as possible with skin and avoid harsh products, such as scrubs, or products that could further dry out your skin. The key is to be as gentle and careful as possible.


Hydration Sensitive Gel Cleanser
Step 1. Cleanse: As a first line of defense, we recommend using our Hydration Sensitive Gel Cleanser. As the silky formula lightly foams and rinses off, it leaves skin feeling hydrated and soothed. Be sure to wash your face with warm, not hot, water and pat your face dry with a soft, clean towel. The key is to avoid rubbing and irritating your skin further. Tip – if your skin is feeling extremely sensitive, try just rinsing your face with warm water and skip the cleanser.


Hydration Oasis Priming Water Essence
Step 2. Replenish Hydration: Immediately after cleansing skin, it’s important to replenish any moisture that your skin has lost. To start, we recommend using our Hydration Oasis Water Priming Essence. Gently pat a layer of essence onto your face for gentle, water-based hydration.





Hydration Sensitive Milk Serum

Step 3. Soothe and Reduce Redness: Next, follow with a serum for added moisture and nutrients, our Hydration Sensitive Milk Serum helps hydrate and can help reduce redness in skin. Gently press this formula into your skin after applying essence in order to help the product absorb better.


Hydration Sensitive Gel Cream Moisturizer

Step 4. Lock-In Hydration: Lock in all that hydration with a gentle moisturizer that won’t clog pores – we recommend our fragrance-free Hydration Sensitive Gel Cream Moisturizer. Its velvety texture provides relief to parched and stressed skin without overwhelming it.




There are many factors that can impact skin health, including the changing of the seasons. In order to maintain healthy skin year-round, it’s important to keep skin hydrated at its optimal levels, as well as understanding the changing needs of your skin. When symptoms of Yuragi skin appear, remember that it’s only temporary, and adjusting to the needs of your skin will help restore your complexion!