Glowing Skin, Healthy Teeth

Jan 10, 2022

We’re partnering with Cocofloss 

Luxury Dental Floss? Who knew!...
We’re excited to share the launch of our partnership with Cocofloss. If you’ve been flossing your teeth with standard drugstore floss, we’re sure you’ll be hooked once you make the switch.

Part of the reason we’ve been looking forward to sharing this partnership with you is because so many members of the H2O+ team–including our CEO– are huge fans.


Aside from being wrapped up in a beautifully-designed package, Cocofloss was designed by a dentist who wanted her patients to love flossing. It’s texturized, flexible, strong, and far superior to ordinary floss. Best of all– and just like our products of course–Cocofloss is made from clean ingredients.


Compliment glowing skin with a gorgeous smile.

This month, with every purchase of H2O+, we’ll send you a Cocofloss in a random flavor.
You can also visit for Get 20% off with code BRIGHT22!



Make 2022 the year of fresh, sparkling smiles. The Cocobrush’s ultra-fine bristles clean 16x better between your teeth than ordinary toothbrushes and textured Cocofloss gently scrubs away stinky, yellow plaque that “gliding” floss slips right over. Elevate your oral-care routine today.

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