Hydro Amino Infusion

Hydration Education: Hydro Amino Infusion

Our Hydro-Amino Infusion is the latest in water technology and the backbone of our skincare. We use efficacious levels in each skincare collection (Hydration Oasis and Hydration Sensitive) to help maintain skins moisture. Formulated in partnership with our sister-team of skincare experts and researchers in Japan, our proprietary Hydro-Amino Infusion is a powerful pairing. The combination of advanced hydration technology and a dynamic boost of curated amino acids helps to nourish, hydrate and protect, unlocking your most vibrant skin.  

A bit of history…

Throughout our 30-year history, H2O+ has always been inspired by the power of water. Its ability to hydrate, protect, and nourish is at the core of all our products. We believe that beautiful, healthy skin starts on the inside, which was the key inspiration for our Hydro-Amino Infusion.

Beyond being an ingredient, water is our inspiration. For over thirty years, we’ve been inspired by its power. The ultimate energy source, water is delicious, beautiful, aromatic, and wonderfully textural. From the fresh smell of spring rain, to the hypnotic waves of the ocean, water is powerful and transformative. We draw from this organic inspiration in our actions and creations.

The Science

Amniotic fluid, as a source of nourishment and protection, is the inspiration for our propriety Hydro-Amino Infusion. Using the latest technologies, our Hydro-Amino Infusion is fueled by our Triple Hydration and Amino Acid blends, delivering key components that complement and help enhance the skin’s natural processes.

H2O+ Hydro Amino Infusion

Triple Hydration Blend: Helps with Hydration

The first component of the Hydro-Amino Infusion is the Triple Hydration Blend, a combination of sugars, lipids, and chamomile extracts that work together to help optimize skin hydration.

  1. Trehalose (aka sugar) – This type of sugar is commonly found in plants, sea algae, and fungae, and is well known for its ability to protect against freezing and drying in harsh conditions. It helps retain moisture and prevent water evaporation.
  2. Lipids, similar to ceramides naturally occurring in the skin – These bio-humectants consist of fatty acids derived from olive oil and sugars and help prevent water loss in the skin by strengthening the skin barrier. They help lock in moisture and protect skin from environmental aggressors.
  3. Chamomile extract – Chamomile plants are known for anti-inflammatory properties and contain polyphenol, a powerful micronutrient which helps support skin hydration. Combined with a water-based formula, it helps contribute to skin firmness, elasticity, and smoothness.
H2O+ Hydro Amino Infusion

Amino Acid Blend: Helps Energize Skin

We selected these five Amino Acids because they complement skin’s natural functions and support a healthy-looking complexion.

  1. Alanine – Helps to balance skin moisture levels
  2. Glycine – The most abundant amino acid in collagen, this amino acid helps prevent tissue breakdown.
  3. Serine – Helps boost collagen production, skin’s elasticity, and moisture.
  4. Arginine – Aids with skin’s antioxidant properties and works as a humectant to attract and maintain moisture.
  5. Threonine – The key building block of elastin and collagen, it also helps aid in moisture retention.

With our proprietary Hydro-Amino Infusion, we are able to deliver products inspired and powered by water. We hope that you’ll experience it for yourself!

Hydro Amino Infusion can be found in our Hydration Oasis and Hydration Sensitive collections.