H2O+ Interviews: Emma Willis & Theo Turner

H2O+ Interviews: Emma Willis & Theo Turner

A healthy, hydrated, complexion is something that we all strive for everyday, and is much easier to achieve than you think! We spoke with celebrity makeup artists, Emma Willis (@emmawillismakeup) and Theo Turner (@theeislandboi), to get their take on the best skincare products to use before makeup, how to treat sensitive skin, and their skincare essentials.




What skincare products are your favorite to create the best canvas for makeup?

They key to amazing makeup? Having a great skincare routine. Skin that is cared for and properly hydrated makes the biggest difference when applying makeup.

“Most of my applications typically have more skincare steps than complexion-based products,” Theo notes. When prepping your skin for makeup, take time to ensure that skin is sufficiently hydrated and cared for before starting with your makeup routine.

Hydration Sensitive Gel Cream Moisturizer and Hydration Sensitive Milk Serum

Emma typically uses “silicone free serums, creamy moisturizers and/or oils” on her clients, though she notes that a “lighter gel/lotion can [sometimes] be sufficient to attain the perfect canvas.”

Next time you prep your skin for makeup, try our Hydration Sensitive Collection. Our Hydration Sensitive Milk serum is a silicone free serum that is clinically proven to help reduce skin redness. Follow up with our Hydration Sensitive Gel Cream Moisturizer, which hydrates without overwhelming it.


When clients are experiencing skin sensitivity or acne, what do you use to prep skin for makeup?

Skin sensitivity is much more common that we think. In fact, 50% of women report having sensitive skin. (Learn how to treat it here.) When prepping sensitive skin, look for products that soothe and comfort skin. “The Hydration Sensitive Milk Serum and Hydration Sensitive Gel Cream Moisturizers really soothe and comfort any kind of sensitive skin.” Emma says.

Hydration Oasis Refreshing Gel Moisturizer

For Theo, he recommends using products such as micellar water and staying away from toners with acids, which could irritate skin further. He also states that, “products that are vegan and clean” are less likely to cause irritation in clients’ skin. The Hydration Oasis Refreshing Gel moisturizer is a clean formula that provides lightweight hydration to all skin types. 

As summer ends and fall begins, is it necessary to change your skincare and makeup routines/products?

Sudden redness or dryness in skin can be a symptom of “Yuragi skin,” which is a Japanese term that refers to the sudden sensitivity skin may have during the changing of seasons or environment.

Hydration Oasis Creamy Foaming Cleanser
“As the climate changes, so does the skin and I find that incorporating a creamier, more hydrating cleanser (like the Hydration Oasis Creamy Foaming Cleanser) helps tons,” Emma states, “because the skin is slightly more drier in the winter months.”

Changing makeup products may not be necessary for Theo, who states, “I absolutely recommend adding products that will deliver more moisture and protect our skin’s barrier against the cold.” Listening to your skin’s needs and adapting your routine is key to maintaining a healthy complexion.


What do you think everyone should own in terms of makeup and skincare products?

When thinking about “must-have” items, both artists focus on keeping it simple, with a focus on hydration. Theo says that for him, it’s important to have a cleanser, exfoliator, and a moisturizer. “This is a good basis to start, and attainable by even the busiest person,” he states, and that after seeing results from a basic routine, serums, masks and night routines can come into play.

For Emma, a cleanser, serum, moisturizer and lip treatment are the foundation to creating a successful skincare routine. When it comes to makeup, she recommends a cream bronzer, blush, and concealer. “You can mix the lip treatment balm with blush or bronzer to create a lip [tint], and use the blush and bronzer on the eyes too…Voila!”


What are 3-5 skincare essentials you can’t live without in your own routine?

Emma Willis Skincare Tips

From Emma, “A hot muslin cloth, the Hydration Oasis Moisture Replenishing Serum, Hydration Sensitive Milk Serum, the Hydration Oasis Refreshing Gel Moisturizer and Nourishing Gel Cream…and Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream.”

Emma’s tip: Place the Hydration Oasis Refreshing Gel Moisturizer in the fridge for an extra cooling and refreshing burst of hydration!

Theo Turner Skincare Tips

From Theo, “I MUST have a cleansing balm to really break my makeup down and give me a good cleanse. I also need a super hydrating lip balm, and a serum and moisturizer!”

Theo’s tip: After cleansing your skin, be sure to “slather yourself in hydration” in order to keep skin healthy and hydrated!



These experts prove what we’ve long suspected, that well hydrated skin is the essential foundation for any makeup look. Whether your style is more natural, or you’re going for a glamorous night out, nothing is more important than the steps you take to hydrate and prepare your skin before putting on a stitch of makeup. You may even decide that all you want is a swipe of lip-gloss to complement your glowing complexion!