Made with Intention: Detox Body

Jun 30, 2020

From drinking more water to reducing screen time, there are a number of ways to “detox” your life and help you make better choices each and every day. We’re excited to be launching our first, cleaner body care line with hydrating and detoxifying benefits to support your daily detox practices.


Our new body care collection was designed to offer benefits usually reserved for facial skin care, resulting in vibrant, refreshed, healthy-looking skin from head to toe, while also smelling amazing. Featuring our proprietary Detox Blend and White Clay, this new collection delivers an invigorating experience that detoxifies, hydrates and aids in overall skin health by helping protect it against daily aggressors.

Detox Body Ingredients


With the Detox White Clay Body Collection, it’s easy to reset and refresh each day. Thanks to the uplifting scent of White Tea and Ginger, your senses are invigorated and awakened. These clean body care products feature:

White Clay

Montmorillonite White Clay is paired with our Detox Blend to help revitalize and detoxify, promoting vibrant, smooth-looking skin

  • In our rinse-off products: White Clay helps cleanse and exfoliate dead skin cells
  • In our leave-on products: White Clay helps reduce greasiness by absorbing oil and helping skin retain moisture

Detox Blend

Our proprietary blend of plant extracts includes Dandelion, Bergamot, Burdock, and Green Tea known for their detoxifying, revitalizing, and moisture retention benefits.


Our new line of clean body care features:

Detox White Clay Body Butter

Detox White Clay Body Butter

The Detox Blend of carefully selected extracts helps with moisture retention while the Saccharide Isomerate helps provide immediate and lasting hydration. The whipped texture absorbs quickly and leaves skin revitalized and illuminated.

  • 93% of subjects showed improvement in skin hydration after 8 hours *
  • 99% of subjects showed improvement in overall appearance and complexion **
  • 97% of consumers agreed the product helps improve the appearance of their skin texture ***

Detox White Clay Hand Cream

Detox White Clay Hand Cream

Formulated with mineral-rich Deep Sea Water and Hyaluronic Acid, our hand cream helps to moisturize and condition hands and cuticles. The buttery texture provides relief to dry hands while our proprietary Detox Blend with detoxifying, revitalizing and moisture retention benefits. Helps protect skin from further moisture loss.

Detox White Clay Body Scrub

Detox White Clay Body Scrub

In our body scrub, White Clay aids in exfoliating dead skin cells and buffing away rough patches. Featuring our Detox Blend and Hyaluronic Acid, this unique dry scrub brings the power of skin care to body care by helping keep skin soft and hydrated.


Detox White Clay Body Wash

Detox White Clay Body Wash

Start your day with a burst of invigorating hydration with our Detox Body Wash that helps detox your skin to look and feel its most luminous. Infused with white clay and botanical extracts, and antioxidants, this body wash will energize your senses with the refreshing natural fragrance of crisp white tea and ginger.





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*Percentage based on instrumental reading after application in an independent US Consumer Study.

**Percentage based on clinical grading in an independent US Consumer Study.

***Percentage based on participants immediate results in an independent US consumer perception study.

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