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Japan Inspired Skincare Regimen

H2O+ has a 30-year legacy of developing innovative hydrating skincare. At its core, Japanese skincare focuses on hydration. By partnering with our team of skincare experts in Japan, we’ve developed hydrating skincare collections designed with Japanese intentions - which focus on an elevated sensory experience, high quality clean standards, and real results.

Our Hydration Oasis and Hydration Sensitive 4-step systems represent our first steps into cleaner skincare collections co-developed with our partners in Japan and manufactured in Japan. All of our products that feature the Clean Conscience seal follow strict guidelines set by the EU – meaning that our clean products aren’t just clean, but free of 1,600+ harmful ingredients banned from cosmetic use by the EU. Learn more about our clean products here.

Working collaboratively with our sister lab in Japan, we were able to continue to develop cutting-edge hydration technology of the highest quality. By working together, we are able to source high-quality ingredients and develop skincare formulations that are on the cutting edge of both U.S. and Japanese skincare. These formulations are most hydrating and effective when applied in layers – a concept that is inspired by Japanese skincare.

Japanese skincare is thoughtful. Instead of a several-step regimen, a “less is more” approach is taken. With fewer steps, each product used must utilize the highest quality of ingredients to ensure that products are effective. Drawing inspiration from Japanese regimens, Hydration Oasis and Hydration Sensitive collections deliver multiple layers of hydration, working together as a 4-step system and to deliver real results.

A 4-step regimen is the most common daily skincare regimen in Japan. However, in Japan, most double cleanse and double moisturize. Our skincare is a fusion of both American and Japanese skincare. Our 4-step regimens feature a single cleanse followed by two steps of moisture: essence and moisturizer.


All skincare regimens begin with a cleanse, and the use of a foaming cleanser is recommended. Place a small amount of cleanser in your hands, add water, and foam between your palms before gently massaging your face to remove skin of dirt, makeup, and other impurities.


We like to refer to an essence as the ‘necessary prep step’ in your skincare routine. An essence is lightweight and softens and hydrates skin, prepping skin to maximize serum and moisturizer benefits. To apply, add a small amount to palms before gently pressing it into the skin.

Learn more about why essences are the new necessary here.


Treat and target specific concerns with serums. The Hydration Oasis serum is designed for everyday hydration, while Hydration Sensitive Skin Milk is designed for those with sensitive skin. Massage serums into skin after essence to maximize the benefits.


The final step to lock in hydration is to use a moisturizer. By applying thin layers of hydration before adding moisturizer, your skin is able to better receive the maximum benefits of your skincare routine, with the moisturizer providing the final step to seal in the hydration. Try our bestselling Hydration Oasis Refreshing Gel Moisturizer for everyday hydration, our Hydration Oasis Nourishing Gel Creams for the richness of a cream with the fast-absorption of a gel, or our Hydration Sensitive Gel Cream Moisturizer to help calm the appearance of redness and lock in moisture.

The key to an effective Japanese skincare routine is as follows:

  • Simplicity – A less is more approach can be just as effective as a multi-step regimen
  • Repetition – Performing your routine everyday, AM/PM will help you achieve healthy, hydrated skin and real results
  • Hydration – Focus on hydration and nourishment from the inside out

We designed our 4-step system to be a self-care experience that evokes “Gokan Ni Hibiku” – a Japanese phrase meaning “echoing of the five senses.” This practice means to be mindful of the colors, the scents, and the feeling of applying your skincare regimen. We hope that you’ll take a moment with us each day as you practice your own Japanese-inspired skincare routine!

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