Skin Tips: Sensitive Skin

May 14, 2020

Over 50% of women and 38% of men self-report experiencing sensitive skin. Often characterized by redness and dryness, those with sensitive skin may also experience tightness and/or itchiness.

Some of the main causes of sensitive skin are as follows:

Weakened Skin Barrier: When the skin’s barrier is weak, skin cannot retain moisture properly, leading to dry and tight skin

External Factors: When skin is exposed to allergens or pollutants, skin may produce a reaction that causes redness and itchiness

Internal Factors: A lack of sleep, poor diet, or changes in hormone levels can lead to temporary sensitivity in the skin

H2O+ Hydration Sensitive


Often times, skin sensitivity is treated with products that are too rich (i.e. heavy hydration that can overwhelm/clog skin) or with products that do not treat the cause of sensitive skin but merely try to manage the symptoms. 

 By gently hydrating the skin, and reinforcing skin’s natural defenses, symptoms of sensitive skin can subside. A routine that incorporates multiple layers of lightweight hydration can help target dryness and redness, without furthering skin sensitivity. H2O+ has developed a skincare system called Hydration Sensitive, which is formulated to help shield skin from irritants and alleviate skin sensitivity – all with lightweight hydration.

STEP 1 - Hydration Sensitive Gel Cleanser: cleanses without irritating

  • An everyday cleanser designed for sensitive skin
  • Removes makeup, dirt, and other impurities without irritating skin
  • Refreshes skin while maintaining skin’s moisture balance

STEP 2 - Hydration Sensitive Essence: adds hydration to relieve dryness

  • Softens, hydrates, and preps sensitive skin to maximize serum and moisturizer benefits
  • Infuses skin with essential hydration for a smoother, calmer-looking complexion

STEP 3 - Hydration Sensitive Skin Milk: adds hydration to relieve dryness and calm redness

  • A soothing concentrate that relieves dryness and the appearance of redness of the skin
  • Lightweight hydration soaks into the skin, providing comfort to reactive skin

Before and After Hydration Sensitive Milk Serum

STEP 4 - Hydration Sensitive Moisturizer: soothes skin and relieves tightness

  • A velvety gel that incorporates the richness of a cream to provide non-irritating hydration
  • Gentle hydration leaves skin feeling comfortable and refreshed
  • Supports skin health, by helping to maintain a balance of comfort and hydration





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