Spotlight: Rocky Barnes

Oct 27, 2021

You may have noticed a fresh new face on our website -- she’s the one-and-only Rocky Barnes

Rocky is a model, influencer, entrepreneur, and super mom to her son, Jones. How does she do it all and still keep that gorgeous glow that she’s famous for? Her secret is out and it’s our Hydration Age Renew Collection. This anti-aging collection harnesses the power of peptides to help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, all while providing the effortless hydration you love from H2O+. Read on to discover how Rocky incorporates the Hydration Age Renew collection into her daily routine, as well as details about Rocky’s Bright Side wardrobe from the shoot! 



Rocky loves to start her morning with our Hydration Age Renew Hydro Serum, a great way to lock in hydration no matter what the day throws at you. Use this morning and night followed by our Nourishing Gel Cream Moisturizer or Hydration Age Renew Night Mask




Once your skin has absorbed the serum, give a little special attention to the delicate eye area with our Hydration Age Renew Eye Cream. 96% of users in clinical trials showed measurable improvement of lines and wrinkles as well as skin texture and smoothness around the eye.





The neck is an oft-neglected part of our skincare routines but once you try this luxurious cream you’ll never skip this step again. Our Hydration Age Renew Neck and Decollete Cream is clinically proven to improve crepiness and the appearance of vertical lines, providing both immediate and long-term benefits.




When her skin needs a little boost, Rocky turns to our Hydration Age Renew Night Mask for an overnight pick-me-up. It melts into skin to visibly soften and moisturize for a smoother, more plump appearance. And it makes bedtime something to look forward to even more than usual. 




Shop Rocky’s Clothing Collection - The Bright Side 

We agree with Rocky on most things but we especially love her motto “always look on the bright side!” Inspired by her love of vintage, Rocky founded The Bright Side  to bring joy and brightness to anyone who wears her unique, gorgeous pieces. 

The most versatile slip dress, equally comfortable in daylight or nightlife. Shop the Slip Dress in Sandstone 

A button down with just the right amount of western flair. Shop the Western Boyfriend Shirt

Pair it with these high waisted faux leather shorts in matching sky blue. Shop the Western Pleather Shorts. 


A sweater knit robe for all seasons. Oversized with a retro touch. Shop the Sand Venice Robe.


Follow Rocky on IG: @rocky_barnes and shop her lovely, effortlessly-cool, vintage-inspired clothing line: The Bright Side


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