Tips from Celebrity Makeup Artist : Pati Dubroff

Tips from Celebrity Makeup Artist : Pati Dubroff


How to put your best face forward…  

Pati Dubroff sat down with our Senior Manager of Product Development–Michael Medina – on Instagram Live last week, and we learned so much! 

Pati Dubroff has collaborated with elite photographers like Peter Lindbergh, Tom Munro and Annie Leibovitz; award winning actresses like Charlize Theron, Natalie Portman, and Naomi Watts; and powerhouse brands like Chanel and Dior. 

Most recently, her beauty collaborations with Margot Robbie and Priyanka Chopra have elevated the red carpet in a special way, while continuing to create timeless looks.

Pati and Michael talked H2O+ products, priceless makeup tips, and about not forgetting your ears. Read on for the best beauty tips she shared with us.


1. Listen to your skin

Some days your skin will be “moody and sensitive,” other days it won’t. And different moods will require different . Michael added that you should always “give your skin exactly what it needs to continue to thrive.”

2. Start with the lightest products first and then add weight

It can be hard to remember what order all your skincare products go in, so Pati offered a handy way to think about it: lightest to heaviest. Your skin absorbs the lighter products first. 

When you’re using H2O+, that means start with Essence, layer on serum and then add moisturizer. Applying Essence first helps the other products to do their job better. 

3. Tools are your friend 

Throughout the session, Pati emphasized a number of tools she loves to amp up her daily routine: facial massage tools and blotting papers. 

Massaging your face is a great way to get the oxygen pumping. Pati says you want to “Stimulate, not freeze.” If you plump up the face it will look more alive when you’re applying your products. 

Another great tip is that massage tools can also help you move products around. Applying your serum is a great time to get your tool and massage your face, and let the products absorb– you never want to tug at dry skin.


4. Mix moisturizers with liquid makeup for a lighter look 

Pati loves our Blue Gel for a great “pre-makeup experience,” and so many of our products are great to mix with foundations and concealers before you apply. 

Pati suggests mixing a foundation with the Hydration Sensitive Serum or the Hydration Age Renew Hydro Serum. You can also mix eye cream with an undereye concealer. Both of these methods can also thin out a dense product and even extend the life of your makeup–you’ll need to use less this way. 

5. You can use more than one shade of foundation

Finding the right shade of foundation can be an arduous process. That’s because your skin can change throughout the year and can also be different shades in different areas altogether. 

Pati suggests that you use a lighter shade to match your neck, and a slightly darker foundation that matches your cheek or forehead. You’ll also want more coverage in the center of your face to “get an illumination through the center.” The outer part of your face should be more glowy and the inner part to be more matte. 


6. Use products with clean ingredients

What you put on your skin is absorbed into the rest of your body. Pati loves to emphasize clean products in her routine, which is of course a major focus here at H2O+. Shop all collection here

“2022 is my year of focusing on clean beauty, and that’s why I'm so excited by H2O+.” 

- Pati Dubroff - 



7. Don’t forget your ears!

When you’re applying products in your daily routine, it can be easy to apply products to your cheeks and t-zone but don’t neglect the rest of your head!  Your neck, hairline, and even your ear lobes need some love too. Shop Age Renew Neck & Décolleté Cream & Hydro Serum here.

Pati emphasized that you should give hydration to “your whole being.” 

We couldn’t agree more, of course.