Why You Need A Serum

Why You Need A Serum

Serums are concentrated skincare formulas designed to target specific skincare concerns. These deeply efficacious powerhouses can help address skin concerns such as dryness, redness, uneven skin tone or fine lines and wrinkles. There’s a perfect serum for everyone, no matter your skin type.

The Purpose of Serum

One of the main reasons to include a serum in your routine is to treat specific skin concerns that you may have. While the overall goal of your regimen should be to keep your skin healthy looking and hydrated, a serum can help target specific concerns and provide a boost. Redness, dryness, and fine lines and wrinkles are ideal targets for a serum.

Our Japanese Inspired 4-Step Regimen (which you learn more about here), is designed to incorporate a serum. After cleansing, we recommend using an essence, which not only helps to soften and hydrate skin, but preps it to maximize serum benefits. Applying the serum after an essence will help it penetrate deeply into the skin and give you the benefits that you’re looking for.

Key Differences in the H2O+ Serums

H2O+ serums are designed to provide skin with optimum hydration thanks to the addition of our proprietary water technology, Hydro Amino Infusion. Hydro Amino Infusion, is used in all of our serums in combination with powerful plant extracts to help target specific concerns to deliver optimal hydration. With this technology, our serums are multi-purpose that not only hydrate but also target a specific area of concern. All serums offer clinical results unique to each skin concern.

Hydration Oasis Moisture Replenishing Serum: Ideal for all skin types, this lightweight concentrate provides skin with intense hydration. The addition of Japanese Cedar Bud and Apple Stem Cell Extracts help to protect and promote the recovery of your skin barrier. A healthy skin barrier is the key to a vibrant, glow-y complexion!

Best for: Daily use, Anyone looking for additional hydration to the skin. 

Hydration Sensitive Milk Serum: Ideal for sensitive skin types (but can be used by anyone), this soothing, milky concentrate helps calm reactive skin. A blend of Hyssop and Eyebright extracts helps protect skin from stress-induced irritation, meaning that this is the perfect serum for those experiencing Yuragi Skin (more on that here).

Best for: Sensitive Skin, especially sensitivity brought on by stress, environmental factors, or other irritants, like “maskne”.

Hydration Age Renew Hydro Serum:
This golden concentrate feels like an oil but is actually a powerful oil-free formula, and helps diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Warming this serum between your hands before applying helps it absorb into the skin – leaving you with a luminous finish, and a more radiant complexion over time.

Tips and Tricks with H2O+ Serums

Your skin’s needs change daily, which means that your serums can (and should!) change with it. In the winter, you might notice that your skin is more sensitive due to the cold weather, so try adding in our Sensitive Milk Serum. For skin that is dehydrated, using our Oasis Replenishing Serum will help to hydrate and promote the recovery of your skin barrier for firm, hydrated skin. Listen to your skin’s needs and adjust your routine accordingly to ensure your most vibrant complexion.

The H2O+ Team’s Favorite Tips:

Apply serum immediately after patting essence onto your skin – slightly damp skin allows both essence and serum to absorb more deeply into the skin, giving you the best benefits.
Warming the serum in your hands allows the concentrate to sink into skin and absorb without the sticky finish.

Don’t wipe away the extra – any leftover serum on your hands can be massaged onto the décolleté, cuticles, the backs of hands or anywhere else that needs a little boost of hydration