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A sea-inspired body butter made with richly hydrating Almond Butter and an oceanside scent that will definitely float your boat. Go ahead and get drenched. When moisture levels ebb, this pampering formula brings the flow. This body butter packs a boatload of moisture and comes in travel size, for smooth sailing while away from home. It’s high tide your skin gets the quenching it deserves. Even, and especially, on the road. See below for more details


This nighttime anti-aging treatment combines the power of dual peptides with Camellia Japonica Oil and Red Algae extract. The refreshing formula works overtime to increase moisture giving you a youthful healthy glow. See below for more details


These suds in shining armor are enriched with the stuff of fairy tales: Sea Grass, Water Lily, and Aloe extracts and a dash of Vitamin E. Also starring the same hydrating gel technology from our signature Oasis Hydrating Treatment. See below for more details


Sea Greens

Cleanses and adds shine with Blue-Green Algae and Spirulina See below for more details


Singing in the shower is always encouraged, especially while lathering up with these suds. See below for more details


A foaming scrub that transforms skin from dry and rough into silky and luxuriously soft just as the gel transforms into a foam as you lather See below for more details


Rich in Vitamin C, this serum is clinically proven to improve 7 different (amazing) aspects of skin tone*. Let us count the ways: Reduce the intensity of dark spots  Enhance radiance  Improve clarity  Even skin tone  Increase brightness  Enhance texture  Improve complexion health See below for more details


Simple yet super effective facial cleansing cloths remove traces of dirt and makeup in one easy step. See below for more details


Nourish and soften all your lovely limbs with this deeply hydrating body butter.  See below for more details


This mineral rich mist features Thermal Water, Aloe Vera, and Sea Grass and Water Lily extracts. The combination refreshes and soothes skin and even sets makeup for a flawless, camera-ready finish. See below for more details


This potent, Vitamin C-powered spot treatment works to powerfully help fade dark spots and brighten overall skin tone. Vitamin C is one of skincare’s most effective brightening ingredients and this spot-fading formula is chock full of it. See below for more details


Buff away dry skin, hydrate, and soften, all at once. It's scrub-a-dub-lovely.  See below for more details