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Waterbright Collection

Snowflake Flower, Pomelo, and Vitamin C combine within the Waterbright Collection which works to diminish dark spots, brighten and even out skin tone, and increase overall radiance.

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  1. Waterbright Illuminating Serum
    Waterbright Illuminating Serum

    Clinically proven to improve skin tone in 7 different ways

    $56.00 / 1 Fl oz
  2. Waterbright Illuminating Night Cream
    Waterbright Illuminating Night Cream

    Clinically proven to brighten skin and reduce dark spots

    $54.00 / 1.7 Fl oz
  3. Waterbright Illuminating Booster
    Illuminating Booster

    This high-powered booster contains concentrated beads filled with Vitamin C-rich Cucumber and Lemon extracts to help instantly brighten your complexion and even skin tone.

    $38.00 / .5 Fl oz
  4. Waterbright Massaging Eye Roller
    Massaging Eye Roller

    The cooling gel delivers a surge of instantly cooling hydration. Featuring Pomelo and Snowflake Flower extracts and a burst of caffeine, it helps reduce dark circles and puffiness while illuminating pigments instantly brighten skin.

    $28.00 / .5 Fl oz
  5. Waterbright Dark Spot Corrector
    Waterbright Dark Spot Corrector

    Powerfully fades dark spots and brightens overall skin tone

    $38.00 / 0.5 Fl oz
  6. Waterbright Color Correcting Mask
    Waterbright Color Correcting Mask

    Fades the appearance of dark spots and improves uneven skin tone

    $42.00 / 1.7 Fl oz
  7. Waterbright Water-Infused Brightening Gel Mask
    Water-Infused Brightening Gel Mask

    The innovative water-infused hydrogel technology ensures excellent adhesion to the skin, promoting absorption of active complexion enhancing ingredients. Bonus: The two-piece mask provides great fit, is easy to use and mess-free, no dripping or slipping to worry about. Dermatologist tested.

    $5.00 / 1 Mask
  8. Waterbright Day and Night
    Waterbright Day and Night

    This all-star duo has been known to turn a lot of heads. Pamper peepers with a massaging and brightening gel, and rest easy each night knowing our clinically proven night cream is doing all the work for you. These heavy-hitters brighten, and reduce dark spots, dark circles, and puffiness.

    $74.00 / 2 Piece Set
  9. Waterbright Illuminating Duo
    Waterbright Illuminating Duo

    Increase radiance, reduce dark spots, and brighten overall skin tone

    $98.00 / 2 Piece Set
  10. Must Have Mini Favorites
    Must Have Mini Favorites

    $40.00 / 6 Piece Set
  11. Waterbright Brightening Gel Mask 8 Pack
    Waterbright Brightening Gel Mask 8 Pack

    These single-use, brightening gel facial masks will leave your complexion radiant and glowing while feeling smooth to the touch.

    $36.00 / 8 Gel Masks
  12. Water-Infused Gel Mask Variety 8-Pack
    Water-Infused Gel Mask Variety 8 Pack

    These single-use water-infused gel masks help hydrate, brighten or firm the skin!

    $30.00 / 8 Gel Masks
  13. The Boosters 3pk
    The Booster 3pk

    For an immediate, visable enhancement of hydration, radiance or smoothness, add 2-3 drops to your favorite H2O+ Beauty Serum or Moisturizer.

    $76.00 / 3 Piece Set

14 Items

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