Instant Quenching
Oasis hydrating treatment Water-gel moisturizer

Experience continuous moisture with our #1 global bestseller that hydrates on contact — and around the clock.

  • Great for dry, normal & oily skin types
  • Lightweight water-gel formula
  • Absorbs rapidly
  • Soften and smooths skin
  • Free from parabens, phthalates and mineral oil
$38.00 / 1.7 Fl oz
Ongoing Moisture
How Skin Works

Over the course of the day, water escapes from skin. This is called

Transepidermal Water Loss or “TEWL” if you really want to impress someone.

High Performance Formula
The Proof
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Oasis Hydrating Treatment was launched in 1991

and has been our #1 global best selling product ever since!