How Stressors Affect Your Skin

Environmental Stressors

Exposure to pollution, such as smoke, heavy metals, and household cleansers, causes inflammation.*

Particles of air pollution are

smaller than skin pores, easily penetrating the skin barrier

*Geria, Navin M. "Understanding the Role of Pollution in Skin Aging." happi, 3 Nov. 2014.

Sun Exposure

Exposure to sun's UVA and UVB rays can increase the appearance of wrinkles, cause age spots, and dehydrate skin.

of visible aging is caused by environmental factors like sun exposure and pollution*

*American Psychological Association. "Shielding Against the Impact of Pollution, Stress, and UV.” Mintel, Nov. 2014.

Lifestyle Stressors

Stress, including irregular sleep and an unhealthy diet, leads to collagen damage and skin dullness.

of women say they have lost sleep at night due to stress*

*American Psychological Association. "Stress in America: Paying with our Health.” 4 Feb. 2015.

Key Benefits

Protects & Defends

against environmental stressors using advanced technologies and key ingredients


by creating a protective barrier on the skin to combat dullness and damage

Key Ingredients

+ Matcha Green Tea Extract

contains anti-oxidants and helps prevent environmental pollutants from negatively affecting the skin. Found in our Refining Matcha Detox Mask.

+ Pollutant Shield Matrix

acts as a protective armor against carbon particles, heavy metals, and airborne chemicals. Found in our Shielding Matcha Facial Essence.

+ Rice Bran Extracts

Contains Vitamin E, minerals, and fatty acids to help soften and moisturize skin. Found in our Shielding Matcha Facial Essence.

+ Urban Shield

helps protect against free radicals, heavy metals, and pollutants. Found in our Protective Matcha Mositurizer SPF 40.

+ Kakadu Plum Extract

helps reduce skin damage due to oxidative stress and helps improve radiance. Found in our Protective Matcha Facial Moisturizer.

Protect & Defend
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