Take the Challenge

How hydrated is your skin?

28 Years of Advanced Hydration Technology

Newsflash: 8 glasses of water may not be enough to quench thirsty skin. Which is why, since 1989 we've been refining skin care formulas that maximize the hydrating power of Pure Water with our signature Hydrogel Technology. Treat your skin to a drink with our Oasis Hydrating Treatment and Oasis Body Gel Moisturizer, and experience the ahh-mazing results.

Take the Hydration Challenge

Level up your skin care game! Measure your skin's hydration levels with the H2O+ MiLi® Skin Moisture Meter and watch it rise by using these Oasis best sellers.

  • Recommended for all skin types, even oily!
  • Continuous hydration: Clinically proven to keep your skin continuously hydrated for 24 hours
  • Oil-free
  • Rapidly absorbing formula hydrates immediately, softens and smooths skin
  • Featuring the same signature hydrating gel technology as Oasis Hydrating Treatment!
  • Delivers Intense hydration for even the driest skin
  • Lightweight cooling gel texture absorbs quickly and helps skin retain moisture
  • Aloe extract soothes and nourishes skin

Pure Water

  • We have perfected our multi-stage water filtration process to deionize and super-purify our water
  • Pure water is the catalyst which activates the most advanced skin care technologies


  • Aqua Dual Delivery – a unique hydration system that prevents water loss while increasing moisture levels (Hydrating Treatment only)
  • Emollient Barrier – Helps increase skin's ability to retain moisture after 24 hours of use


  • Water Lily – helps condition skin
  • Sea Grass – helps promote skin's ability to retain moisture

Test It. Boost It.

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Test your skin's hydration



Apply Oasis Body Gel Moisturizer or clinically proven Oasis Hydrating Treatment



Track your hydration levels daily

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