Must Have Mini Favorites

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Must Have Mini Favorites
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This all-star cast of characters comes together to satisfy all your skin care needs. Loved by editors and
beauty enthusiasts alike, this celebrated lineup features our signature Oasis Hydrating Treatment, our #1 global best seller, as well
as our favorites from each of our classic collections. We've brought them together inside this box just for you. #Squadgoals.

Ingredients & Technologies
1 Elements Keep it Fresh Cleanser for Normal to Dry Skin - 2 Fl oz
1 Oasis Hydrating Treatment - .33 Fl oz
1 Infinity+ Renewing Youth Serum - .25 Fl oz
1 Waterbright Color Correcting Mask - .25 Fl oz
1 Sea Salt Body Wash - 2 Fl oz
1 Specialty Care Hand & Nail Cream - 2 Fl oz


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