Our main priority: to make products that are effective, clean and feel amazing. Our teams adhere to rigorous Japanese quality standards and strict EU Cosmetic Regulations. Most of our skincare products are tested through independent third-party laboratories to give you unbiased, trusted results.


For over 30 years, H2O+ has been creating products that infuse skin with all-day hydration. Our goal is simple — to deliver clean, clinically-proven skincare that helps you feel empowered and confident. With rigorous quality standards, innovative technology, and the power of water, our collections consistently provide real results.

Our Products

Each one of our facial skincare products is put through the paces of rigorous clinical trials conducted by independent third-party laboratories. With our proprietary hydro-amino infusion and cutting-edge technology, we deliver impactful results that you can see and feel. These trials guarantee that our products meet the highest quality global standards while providing measurable results. 


Today, we are helmed by Junko Gomi, a leader in product development who is passionate about disrupting the beauty industry with advanced, nourishing formulas that are rooted in science. Under her leadership, we prioritized a clean-conscious reformulation of products to exclude over 1,600+ banned ingredients, meeting strict EU Cosmetic Regulations and rigid Japanese quality standards. We are proudly committed to cruelty-free practices and to reducing our environmental impact, a promise we call “clean without compromise.” 

As a community of skincare enthusiasts, we will continue to shake things up. We are committed to breaking traditions, asking questions, listening intently, and working tirelessly to help people achieve their best skin.