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About Us

Headquartered in San Francisco, H2O+ is a tribe of people who’ve made skincare our reason to be. For over 30 years, H2O+ has been the hydration authority known for delivering real results. Never satisfied with acceptable skincare products and practices, we shake things up by asking questions, listening, and applying expertise in skincare water technology to upend the status quo, and today our journey is taking us Beyond Hydration. Our love and commitment to this element is how we developed this brand. A deliberate expression of energy, vibrancy, and joy we bring to help our customers “create extraordinary” every day.


Intentionally created. Clinically proven. Skincare solutions powered with the best in hydration technology to support your best skin.

Classic Products

Made in the USA

Iconic skincare products featuring pure water formulas and a dual-delivery hydration system that helps replenish and lock in moisture.

Hydration Sensitive Products (2019 & Beyond)

Made in Japan

Beginning with the release of Hydration Sensitive, H2O+ skincare products will feature Hydro-Amino Infusion, a proprietary synergetic blend to help boost and maintain optimum hydration levels with triple strength action and boost of amino acids.


In 1989 Cindy Melk grew tired of the culture of “worry” pervasive in skincare asking “is there a more interesting way?” In response, she created H2O+ using the power of water as its gateway and source of inspiration.

Today, as a brand in its 30th year, H2O+ continues to ask the same question in pursuit of a better way.

Clean Conscience

Clean Conscience 2021 Starting in 2019, H2O+ is committing to a three-year journey to delivering an updated, cleaner experience.

All H2O+ products are free from parabens, phthalates, and mineral oil. But we will be taking this a step further by also ensuring products are formulated with cleaner, more conscious ingredients, moving away from outdated ones such as synthetic fragrance and sulfates (among several others).

Our Hydration Sensitive system abides by our new Clean Conscious standards as will all new products we release going forward.

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