Milk Serum

This soothing concentrate is proven to reduce redness and help improve the overall appearance of sensitive skin. The unique lightweight milky serum absorbs quickly, providing comfort and hydration to reactive, sensitive skin.

Non-irritating, Non-sensitizing, Dermatologist-Tested. Formulated without synthetic fragrance.


Sensitivity, redness, discomfort, dryness

Proven Results

Immediately hydrates. Improves skin radiance, smoothness and overall appearance. Reduces the appearance of redness

1 Fl oz $54

ideal for

AGE: ANY SKIN TYPE: All, Especially Sensitive Skin


This unique lightweight milky serum absorbs quickly, providing the comfort for sensitive, reactive skin. The clean, non-irritating formula delivers deep hydration coupled with Skin Repair Technology and Plant Squalene for optimal radiance.

Developed with our skincare experts in Japan, and tested by individuals with sensitive skin, this serum feels unassumingly delicate but packs an infusion of actives for real, visible results.

The results: The look and feel of sensitive skin’s overall tone, appearance, and luminosity is improved immediately and continues to improve over time.

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After cleansing and essence, AM+PM. Distribute 1-2 pumps evenly into palms of hands. Gently press onto face and neck. Follow with moisturizer. For best results, use as part of a daily 4-Step Hydration Sensitive System.

key ingredients


A two-part Skin Repair Technology that helps soothe and calm the appearance of redness, protecting skin from stress-induced irritation.


Hydro-Amino Infusion a proprietary water technology with Ceremide Lipids, Trehalose, Chamomile Extract, and five Amino Acids designed for optimum skin hydration and health.

H2O Clean Conscience
Clean Conscience Guarantee:
Curated Clean Formulas Japanese Quality Standards Follow EU Cosmetic Regulations
clinical results

of subjects showed an immediate improvement in skin hydration☨


of subjects showed an improvement on texture, smoothness and appearance**


of subjects showed improvement on skin tone, radiance and luminosity**

☨Percentage based on instrumental reading after application in an independent U.S. Consumer Study.

**Percentage based on clinical grading in an independent 4-week U.S. consumer study.

Your results may vary depending on multiple factors, including: age, gender, skin type and condition, concomitant products used, health history, location, lifestyle and diet.

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