Sea Salt Body Polish Set

Cleanse and deeply hydrate skin
Oceanside luxury
Sea Salt Body Polish Set

There's nothing as rejuvenating as a trip to the beach. When that's possible, reach for this duo. Cleanse away your day and pamper skin with richly hydrating body butter, all the while breathing in that oceanside scent.

What's Included
  • Sea Salt Body Butter

    8 Fl oz

    A sea-inspired body butter made with richly hydrating Almond Butter and an oceanside scent that will definitely float your boat. Go ahead and get drenched.

    When moisture levels ebb, this pampering formula brings the flow. This body butter packs a boatload of moisture and comes in travel size, for smooth sailing while away from home. It’s high tide your skin gets the quenching it deserves. Even, and especially, on the road.

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  • Sea Salt Body Scrub

    12 Fl oz

    This scrub pampers skin with exfoliating Sea Salts, hydrating Sweet Almond Oil, and relaxing oceanic aromas. It's smooth skin made easy breezy.

    It keeps your skin in bikini-season shape year-round. Simply massage it in, rinse it off, and pat your smooth self dry. You’re looking quite buffed.

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