The Boosters 3 pack

For an immediate, visable enhancement of hydration, radiance or smoothness, add 2-3 drops to your favorite H2O+ Beauty Serum or Moisturizer.
100% of 100
$76.00 / 3 Piece Set
The Trifecta of Boosters
The Booster 3pk
What's Included
  • Oasis
    Hydrating Booster

    .5 Fl oz

    The high-powered Oasis Hydrating Booster instantly provides a surge of hydration when mixed with your favorite H2O+ serum or moisturizer

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  • Waterbright
    Illuminating Booster

    .5 Fl oz

    For an instant glow, simply combine the Illuminating Booster with your favorite H2O+ serum or moisturizer. 

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  • Infinity +
    Wrinkle Reducing Booster

    $38 / .5 Fl oz

    When you combine, the customizable Wrinkle Reducing Booster with your favorite H2O+ serum or moisturizer, the results are swift and powerful.

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