Travel Friendly Oasis Body Favorites

This perfectly portable duo covers all your hydration needs when you're on the road
Your Body Is A Temple
Oasis Travel Friendly Body Favorites

Featuring the same signature hydrating gel technology as our Oasis Hydrating Treatment as well as Sea Grass and Water Lily extracts. Cleanse and hydrate and enjoy worship-worthy skin. 

What's Included
  • Oasis Body Gel Moisturizer Travel Size

    2 Fl oz

    If you've ever thought about slathering the Oasis Hydrating Treatment all over your body, this one's for you. Featuring the same signature hydrating gel technology, the Oasis Body Gel Moisturizer delivers intense hydration that soaks in, to quench the thirst of even the driest skin. 

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  • Oasis Body Wash Travel Size

    2 Fl oz

    These suds in shining armor are enriched with the stuff of fairy tales: Sea Grass, Water Lily, and Aloe extracts and a dash of Vitamin E. Also starring the same hydrating gel technology from our signature Oasis Hydrating Treatment.

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